This is her, my Andie Pandie, my misunderstood middle child. At this point I had spun her around on that swing 15 times and still she wanted to go faster. I think she was just enjoying the one on one time with Mommy. I worry about her the most, with her sensitive little heart and the way she admires her big sister’s every move. She loves her little brother at a distance and gives him pinch, poke or kick when she thinks I am not looking. Out of all, she is the most like her father, in looks and in temperament. She thinks nothing of throwing her clothes across the room because they are not the right shade of purple. Or telling me at the top of her lungs that only ugly people eat green grapes and that after they eat green grapes they poop green, with her hand on her hip and smile on her face. Yes, my Pandie. Her little feelings get hurt so fast that I have a hard time keeping up. She cries the instant she is over tired or feels the slightest hunger pain. I have to be honest and say I lose my temper with her the most and use my lion or teacher voice as my students call it…which in return, reduces her to tears. During the celebration of Father’s Day, Andie decided she wanted to buy her Dad a pair of shoes, nope not a tie, or I have no idea where the idea come from or why she feels the need to buy him shoes, but on Monday it’s off to the mall with Daddy. I did not spend this Father’s Day with my Dad, and I miss him dearly…love you Dad! We opened up the cottage and had just an amazing time, the highlight was watching a Mommy turtle lay her eggs. Yes I have seen it a thousand times on TV but never in my 36 years have I witnessed it first hand….we were all in awe of this creature, digging out a nest for it’s eggs, then dropping them in the nest (ok a hole) and touching them while puting sand over them. The girls and I said she was giving them one last hug, or nudge so the baby turtles knew they were loved. She worked for almost an hour while we watched place her eggs so carefully. I wondered if she would ever see most of them alive in our lake. Everyone is asleep here, Monday is coming …fast!

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