Before Beckett went into JK we had to work on several social skills that he was struggling with mastering. He has learned how to share by playing with his sisters & sharing his snacks with the dogs. Beckett in no way shape or form could be considered shy, if anything he may have adopted several of my extroverted tendencies. However, he needed help calming down after a conflict. I had used several different calming techniques including, squeezing his hands & counting to five and taking deep breaths. He tried, but in the end I usually had a red-eared, tear stained face little boy in front of me crying. 

A happier Beckett 

Beckett and I, stumbled upon Napkin Man on CBC one Saturday morning, while snuggling on the couch. I was instantly attracted, I mean enjoyed the show and the main character Mister Anthony. Yannick Bisson is the teacher and creator, in the story, of Napkin Man. 

There is Mr. Anthony ! 

Napkin Man helps children work through social issues they may encounter at school or in social situations with not only his words but a loveable character. Napkin Man episodes are available on the CBC Player and I am pleased to tell you that Napkin Man is also available in free e-book format on iTunes. 

There are three free  e-book titles available, Penguins-A-Go-Go, Treasure for All and Say Hello.  The main character in each story is having an emotional issue and just like in the TV series Mister Anthony is there to help. I appreciate the fact that Mr. Anthony is the narrator of the e-books as well, Beckett instantly commented that he recognized Mister Anthony’s voice and Napkin Man sounded the same as well. 

Beckett also loves to sing songs in French and English, so he was delighted that he was able to manipulate the e-book and play & sing with Napkin Man. As an educator, I appreciate innovative approach to the social and emotional challenges of early childhood. Beckett likes to switch between listening to Mister Anthony read and Mommy reading to him. (I don’t mind listening to Mister Anthony read either!) These e-books make is very easy enjoy a co-viewing experience. Currently, Penguins-A-Go-Go is on high rotation on our iPad as it deals with how to calm down. 

Beckett, Tigger and #napkinman

I was asked to review the three Napkin Man e-books by my fabulous friends at Mom Central Canada. The thoughts, experiences and opinions expressed are my own. #NapkinMan 

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