A Blogger, A Doctor, A Travel Writer and a Community Manager Walk into a Conference….

I was not planning on attending another blogger conference. It was not in the plan, more so it was not in the social media budget. An opportunity arose with my friends at  Active for Life and I decided to attend the Bconnected Conference in Ottawa. 

Leaping without thinking is my forte. I then realized, I had RSVP’s my son for 2 birthday parties, my oldest daughter had three days of swim meets & my middle daughter had a 3 hour training session at her gymnastics club. It would have been easy for me to say no thank you or thanks but no thanks. But something was edging me to go besides wanting to let my community know about celebrating everyday physical accomplishments. 

Walking in late (as usual) on the first day,  I picked the table closest to the door and promptly introduced my self to my table mates. It turns out I was sitting with some of the most amazing people that I have never met IRL. I actually felt sorry for the speaker at that point because I could not sit still nor stop chatting. To make things worse the wifi was not being cooperative so I had to converse the old fashion way, a face to face conversation in a hushed whisper like a kid in math class (go figure).  They all laughed as I handed out  Active for Life stickers, postcards and talked about physical literacy. 

My then table mates, now friends are: 

Alexis , the Naturopathic doctor, was here to  expand her social media presence with Eco Chic Movement , introduce people to her exclusive line of products and generally meet new people in Ottawa. 

Lisa, the fabulous blogger at  Fab Frugal Mama and social media maven, was here to step outside her comfort zone and present to the entire conference all the while holding a barf bag. For the record, she knocked it out of the park. 

Ashely, the funny Tales of Mommyhood having he first night away from her  “littles” in years (literally years) and expanding her social media presence and generally being hilarious. 

Vanessa , of TurnipSeed Travel fame , the adventurous travel blogger, who told us amazing stories of never ending train rides and is obviously an expert conference speaker. 

This was exactly what I needed. To be inspired by the people around me and to conceptually understand that we are all on our own path, at different stages,  but still belong to the same community. 

Letting my hair down for two days, talk passionately about physical literacy, being a general smart aleck and making our table feel like home for my table mates and I ….just perfection. So, the purpose of this post. The purpose is to say thank you to my table mates, really that’s it. 

What can I say? Even though there was no sleep to be had on that weekend and I missed a couple of KT’s races along with not eating the obligatory pieces of birthday cake, that weekend made an impact on my social media path and began my collaboration on a public level, with the not for profit social enterprise Active for Life. 

Did I mention there is only 6 months Blissdom Canada (yeah, I went there…) and I will once again be celebrating physical literacy as a Parent Contributor for Active for Life (and yes, I am a little excited). 

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