A solution for Haiti

PANDIE! Pandie-Bear…where are you? I came to an abrupt halt as I saw Andie sitting by the bay windows in the TV room looking out the window at the blowing snow. ( it had been 5 minutes without hearing her sing, yell or scream so I went looking for her). Watcha doing Pandie Bear? She didn’t stop looking out the window, but as she started to speak, her tone made me want to sit down….Mommy, remember when we went to Florida and saw the Castle and Mickey Mouse…Yep I remember baby, why do you want to go back? No, I was just thinking remember the plane ride down with the lady who gave up treats and things for our ears so we could watch TV?…Yep, I remember baby, why do you want to go on the plane again?…No, do you think the people on the plane were nice?….I think so honey, why? I was just thinking that if those people on the plane were nice maybe they would go and pick up all the people who are tired and sore from when the ground was moving and bring them here….we have lots of room and I can share my room with a girl and you could share your room with the Mommy of the girl and then they wouldn’t cry on TV anymore…I’m just worried they might not like the snow….This is my 4 year old solution to the crisis in Haiti, how am I too argue to her logic?

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