Active for Life: April Spotlight!

This month on the Active for Life site we are debunking parent misconceptions about physical literacy.  Active for Life’s own Coach Jim, has heard it all over his many years of coaching kids soccer. In this article he demystifies physical literacy and touches on some very common myths that many parents buy into, like, “My child is not athletic” and “It’s too late for my child”. In Coach Jim’s words, “that is bunk”.  You can read more here


Are you looking for easy and convenient ways to get active with your kids? Our fantastic Role Models make time to move with their kids. Here’s how

Active Tree

Role Model Spotlight 
Last month, Holly LaRochelle was the focus of our Role Model Spotlight. You can check our her spotlight here: 



This month we are featuring Ellen Pennock, an elite triathlete in our Role Model monthly spotlight. 

This month in preparation for the spring tennis season and to get us back in the swing of things, we are going to be playing balloon tennis this weekend. 

Rather than jumping on the tennis court, we practise several weeks before the courts open with balloons. It gives our much-rested tennis muscles an opportunity to be stretched and warmed up. We have played balloon tennis with all three of this kids since the youngest was three. To add to the difficulty level & to keep the tweens happy, we had two or three more balloons to keep the game interesting. 
Balloon Tennis

You can read more about this fun & affordable activity here on the Active for Life website. 

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