Active for Life: March Spotlight!

Being the Role Model for the Active for Life family means that I am part of something that intrinsically good for all human beings. Simply put, I work with a cohort of people who advocate about the importance of physical literacy.  

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It also means that I have access to cutting edge physically literacy information like new games such as Pure Instinct. This month, Pure Instinct is featured on the Active for Life site. Pure Instinct combines the skills of football, soccer, basketball, baseball, rugby, handball, Gaelic football, and Australian rules football. With so many skills at play it is an excellent new sport to bring into our schools. After March Break we will be testing Pure Instinct out in my school with my junior students. 

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This month our Role Model Spotlight features, Holly LaRochelle. Holly has just launched her new blog, The Wild and Free Family, where she highlights the adventures she takes with her very active family. 

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Jen Pinarski is also a Role Model for Active for Life. This month she writes about her Fat Biking Adventure on the Active for Life site. 

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Do you still have questions about physical literacy? You can check out the professional resources and sign up for our monthly newsletters. 

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You can also sign up for our Parent Promise and commit to being active with your family 

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