All Dressed Up Like a Dish of Fish!

The good people at BlueWater Seafood are sending me some fabulous products to test out with my family in the new year. This is another step for our family towards “eating in the right direction”. We struggle with picky eaters in my little brood, as much as I love reading and following Kathy Buckworth’s advice to have them “Shut Up and Eat” I am too soft and cave in at the first sign of meltdown. Hopefully BlueWater Seafood can help!

My husband’s family hails directly from Newfoundland, I look forward to having them try our my the new dishes I will be creating with the BlueWater products I have been given to try out.  I will also be giving away 5 prize packs to my readers via comments on my BlueWater posts. Each prize pack will contain a free product coupon and collapsible BlueWater Seafoods market bag.  I look forward to hearing your comments about my adventures with BlueWater Seafood!

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