Almost Wordless Wednesday….

Wait I have to step up on my soap box for a minute…
This picture is what hockey is all about. The simple happiness of the game.  This is what I hope the NHL players get for Christmas, to find the love of hockey again….just like my son has just discovered. 
And I also hope that Mr. Bettman, remembers he can legislate and micro manage the sport of hockey as much as he wants, but the spirit of hockey is a Canadian treasure that he has no rights over. We will play on the ponds, in the streets and on open air rinks with no rules, regulations or payments to make. We win Mr. Bettman, we still love the game. You may have delayed to start of this season or even eliminated the entire 2012/13 NHL season…. but you cannot take the spirit hockey out of Canada, sorry Gary it’s not yours to govern. 


  1. I agree 100 percent. : ) It’s the darling wee Timbits and the pond hockey players and the kids playing in driveways and at the outdoor rinks who define our hockey spirit.

  2. I agree too. I have an issue with the amount of money professional players in any sport earn. There is something wrong in society when a sports jockey gets paid more than a soldier who looks down the barrel of a gun to protect this country and the innocent!

  3. Agreed! Just read an article this AM about how food banks in Kanata (western suburb of Ottawa where Scotiabank Place – home of the Sens)are busier as a direct result of the hockey strike. It is just not the teams and players affected – lots of businesses depend on NHL hockey!

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