An Afternoon with Leonie

AndiePandie and I had a play date today.  It was a long overdue afternoon of play, that gave us both the opportunity to de-stress and reconnect. 

My girl AndiePandie & I (2010)

Grade 3 is a tricky year as you are at the end of your primary career but have not yet become a junior student. The social rules are influx as the kindness and all inclusive nature of the primary students suddenly changes and gives way to cliques, self selected cohorts and exclusive groups. It was for this reason that AndiePandie cried on the weekend,  “There is this girl Mum, she is saying mean things and that I cannot play with her and my friends cannot play with me or she will not be their friend either”. That statement alone brought out anger, resentment and overall fear for my child’s well being as I still remember the sting of being excluded in primary school. For Andie, this has not been a one time occurrence, this has been going on since December. Of course, being the kid of an educator, she was told about Queen Bee’s & Wanna Bees and The Bully, The Bullied and The Bystanders but none of that good advice helped Andie’s situation. 

I did what I needed to do. I called her very caring teachers, the understanding vice-principal and then I took a personal leave for afternoon and spent some time playing with dolls. I know, just like Andie being in the primary division, these days of playing with dolls are close to and end. I wanted to reconnect with my precious girl and ensure that everything that needed to help her in this situation, was completed. 

Andie & her Leonie 

I didn’t buy this Maplelea girl because Andie was having issues at school. We had planned on purchasing a special addition to her doll family and we came across the Maplelea collection. Andie fell in love with Leonie because Leonie looks just like Andie.  Andie also loved the fact that Leonie can speak French & English, she loves art, drawing and being creative just like her. Andie connected with this Maplelea doll on so many levels, we had to bring Leonie home. 

I benefited from today as much as Andie. My school, like her school, is a busy place. Taking a break to be with my daughter and play, just the two of us, made me feel like we did something worthwhile and needed today for both Andie and I. She will only be 8 for such a short time and today, I can truly say, we stopped and enjoyed our afternoon together reconnecting. 

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