An extra dose of Christmas Cheer….

It seems like each day I arrive home there is a little something waiting at my doorstep. I am not complaining it’s a little bit of pre-Christmas cheer. This time a white box was waiting for the kids and I. Inside the box was a lovely wrapped box of Fruit Krisps from Mr. Christie. The kids decided that they could not wait until lunch time the next day to test them out. Andie decided that these needed to be in her lunch everyday and attempted to tell the other two kids why they should not like them. That’s my Andie! Our overall impressions were positive,  Katie would like to try Mixed Berry next and Beckett the Banana flavored ones. Score one for banishing the #Lunchboxlull in our home!

There was a little note attached to the Fruit Krisps for me:
Dear Sherrie-Mae, We read about how busy you were on Saturday and wanted to send this along for you and the kids.
After Katie read the note allowed to all of us she said, “Mom are you meaning to tell me these people followed along with how busy we were and sent us movie passes….Kinda of like Santa, he just knows what we need…”
Out of the mouths of babes sometimes comes a grain of truth. So I wanted to say thank you to Mr. Christie and Fruit Krisps for first offering (with no strings attached) to send a treat to my kids and then popping in movie passes. Really, it made our night.

***Disclaimer No one asked me to write this review, this was written because someone did a little something extra for my kids and I. It was a lovely gesture, thank you Mr. Christie. 

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