At The End of The Day

This afternoon, I received a call from my father at school. A life-long family friend, had taken ill and he was worried how I might take the news.  When you live in a small town, your friends & neighbours become like an extended family. Through death, love, laughter and traumatic events you become close knit and protective of one another. The hardest part was listening to the angst in my Dad’s voice knowing that this news was weighing heavily on his mind. Not to mention how my sister and mother were coping at the hospital. 

Tonight, as I am finishing up school reports & trolling the interwebs for positive videos,  I am reminded of my own mortality. When I leave this planet, my hope is that my children, family and friends will know that they were loved and appreciated by me. I begin each day with a positive thought and am thankful each evening for the time I have been given. 

Unbeknown to my family, I went to see my doctor this week for a variety of reasons. Ultimately, I am worried about my heart. My doctor agrees and next week I will be fitted for a heart monitor, and I will have a myriad of blood tests and other tests done.  Am I scared of the results? No, I truly am not. I am more fearful of leaving my family behind before my time. 

I am sharing this with you for several reasons. Selfishly, I want to know I am not alone. Secondly, at the end of the day, if I can encourage just one other person to have a courage conversation with themselves and their doctor about their heart & overall health then I have done something positive with my 200 words. 

I am sending love & light to our friend Tiona this evening, if you have some to spare please send it her way. 

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