Back Fat

Back fat. 

Recently, I was reminded of the extent of the squishy bits that have takes up residence just above my gluteus maximus.
Standing in a Ricki’s change room trying on dresses for the upcoming school year, I realized that I needed someone to zip my zipper. ( I know there are many strange things in that last sentence including me trying on dresses, but hold on it gets worse.) 
I asked KT to come and help me, but the other two of course had to come in. As soon as I took my shirt off the giggles began. It started very innocently:
  • Oh Mommy, the skin on your back is so soft and squishy 
  • Look Andie, if you push the skin together it looks like a backside
  • OMG, Mommy when you push your skin over here…it ripples over there
At this point, I could have turned to them and told them how inappropriate they were being but     instead I started to laugh.  I tried to tell them to stop pushing my back fat around and making musical instruments out of my extra jiggly bits on my back but I couldn’t. 
We laughed, until the tears rolled down our faces. It has been a very long time since that has happened and it needed to happen. A tension breaker that bridged the end of our crazy, schedule driven school year and the beginning our nomadic summer. Laughing at my self is hard, but as mortifying as it sounds, laughing at my back fat with my children laughing along with me made the experience much more enjoyable. 
My back fat and I are in the process of going our separate ways. The more I train for my 15k race and eliminate (most of) the gluten from my meal planning adventures the less evident my musical body parts will be.  I wonder if back fat and chicken fat are synonymous? 

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