Back to School & Baby Segments & Blogher10!

BlogHer.jpgHello fellow Blogher participants! This is the first post I have written since I have been back in Ottawa. Truthfully, I missed my children, they have had my undivided attention since I came home, 3 days is a very long time to be away.

Blogher has left me with many different opportunities including social media sponsorships, blogging contracts and more importantly friendships. I sometimes find it hard to fully explain myself in 140 characters, the depth of my passion for social media, my funny “Canadian” way of expressing myself and my genuine interest in human nature. I felt comfortable in all settings at Blogher, really! Wether it be with my American  roommates, the twitter elite or meeting Johnny from Johnny and the Spirits (not kidding my kids love him). I was able to connect with people whom I have never met before but now have formed friendships with all thanks to Blogher.

Several of my highlights included sitting in the W with good friends and even better conversation, chatting with my very funny American roomies and sitting with the elegant Erica Ehm until the wee hours of the morning. Putting faces to names like Julie Cole, Kathy Buckworth, Her Bad Mother, and Sprout Right, and seeing my successful friends like Mo Dennis, CL Buchanan, Sharon DV, Candace x2, Anna, Shannon and the talented Eric was another highlight. I especially enjoyed the quietness of Central Park and chatting with Jen. And there I was in the middle wondering what my place was and how I connected to them all and what a teacher from Ottawa was doing in the middle of everything. 

I connect, plain and simple. Wether it be twitter, Facebook, blogging or face to face, I connect people and brands with the consumers they wish to meet.  Simply put I am a connector. 

My fall schedule is insane. I am currently looking for participants for Back to School segments and Baby Show segments coming up in September & October in Ottawa. If you would like more details email me sherriemae23@gmail (dot) com and I will send you my Term and Conditions. 


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