Barba Poppa, Baby Teeth and my Hometown

I now officially look like the Mom from Barba Poppas. (Yes I know the name really means cotton candy in French) The Mom-Tail, or constant ponytail as my husband calls is my best friend. It is easy and most mornings as I am rushing out the door the Mom-Tail, saves me from sparing a few precious moments for my self. No the real resemblance comes from the ample waist. There really is no middle ground, just a large middle section. ” Oh no”, my friends say “you are too hard on yourself “…..lies all lies, as tried on bathing suits getting ready for our Great Wolf Lodge adventures. Look closely as her smirk, that i the same face I make after my second glass of wine. No I only have 3 children, but if you count the dogs and my husband it feels like 7.

Baby teeth have arrived, well almost. Tried the baby Ambasol…I had limited success. Googled a couple of times to try to see what other good moms use, a few good ideas, but I am always up to try new things..let me know what works for you..I will try it and post my results.
My home town is a microcoism of worlds, this was never more true this morning. As we were headed to Timmies, we got stuck in traffic. OK not your normal traffic, as horses and buggies clogged the main arteries at all ends, I realized how much things had stayed the same here in town. Still no coffee shops, only one stop light that we had to fund raise for and pay for ourselves ( no I am not kidding) and the Mennonites. My two daughters watched in awe as the little girls filed past them wearing long black skirts, shawls, hair tied back and bonnet on. Five, six little ones, all squished in to the loaded down wagons as the horses lumbered traffic, babies teeth and my expanding waist line. Let me know what you think..come on make a comment..Bueller, Bueller, Bueller

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