Beavertails, Braces, Buicks and Barf

I want to write about the fun we had with our latest guinea pig, I mean vehicle from Buick Canada. I want to write that we drove the Verano to Winterlude, skated all day and the kids nestled up in the large backseat with Beavertails in hand for the long drive home. I want to write that my my family and I had the perfect Ottawa weekend. But I can’t, that would be a lie. 

Our backyard squirrel did not seem to mind all the snow

The weather was atrocious; snow storms, ice storms, white outs. There really was nothing that winter did not throw at us. I felt safe driving my Buick Verano the 110 kms each day back and forth on the 416 each dark winter morning and equally dark winter afternoon. Not once during the snail’s pace race home did I worry that the Verano would veer off the single lane, snow covered, black ice ridden highway.

This is what the #Verano looks like in summer, only 15 weeks till summer vacation 

I stopped for a roll over on the 416. I put the driver of the rolled over vehicle in my Verano as we waited for paramedics to arrive. The driver was comforted, in the back seat, by another by-standard and was appreciative of the hands free capabilities of the car, as the drivers hands shook to greatly to hold the phone steady to speak to their anxious spouse.

My #buickdrive Verano Day #1 

The next day I received the call, mid morning, that all parents dread. One of the mini-me’s was vomiting at school. I made the trek back to our little town in time to hear my child retching in the school’s office while the OA comforted my child. Later that afternoon, I placed my mini-me in the back of the Verano, as her fever spiked to 104, for the slippery drive back into Ottawa to CHEO. Not once did I worry she would be unsafe in the back of that car.

Plenty of trunk space!  

The next day, bleary eyed from the previously vomit filled day, I took my DD11 to have her spacer fitted as a precursor to her braces. She wore a brave face in the office, full of smiles and nodding with compliance. It was only later that evening after swim team,  during the ride home, that she cried at how her voice sounded funny and her breathing was ‘off’ at swimming. DD11 was unsure of the decision we had made, and fell asleep in the back of the Verano as we made our way home from swim team practice.

DD’s spacer

Each morning as the temperature dipped and cars did not start, I can tell you I never worried about pushing the ignition button in the Verano, this car never let me down even in -36 wintery weather. 

Driver side view

This was absolutely not the picture perfect test drive. I don’t have smiling pictures with Ice Hogs from this adventure or panoramic views of the Rideau canal. What I can tell you from this experience is that the Verano held up to everything I needed it to be from both safety and comfort standpoints. 

Excellent music each morning courtesy of  #XM 

The two areas that my family and I decided were the highlights of our test drive were:

1. Technology: The latest updates make the Verano a travelling hotspot. The 4G LTE and next generation On Star, give passengers more virtual power than ever before. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the seamless connectivity between my iPhone and Itellilink system. It truly made my job, staying connected with sick children and coordinating with my spouse effortless and stress-free.

2. Comfort: From the warming leather seats, to the outstanding QuietTuning technologies there was little left to want in the Verano. All three children at one point fell asleep in the back seat of the Verano. As a parent this precious gift of silence was very much appreciated during a very windy wintery drive home. A close second to this was the ability to start and warm my vehicle up from the comfort of my kitchen and school office. That my friend, was a priceless perk during the frigid weeks of February.

This is a fine family vehicle with enough panache to be considered a luxury vehicle. It was difficult, as it is with all of our test driven vehicles, to give back.

Interior of the Buick Verano 

Thank you to Myers on Baseline for all of the information and their courteous staff. I’m looking forward to my next #buickdrive this spring! Click the link to find out more about the Buick Verano.


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