Becoming Heart Smart

I have never had to worry about my heart. It was never on my radar as a health concern. I was only concerned about the size of my waist and the amount of cellulite on my backside. Things changed quickly when a local hockey coach, around my age, from our hometown, suffered a heart attack. As a parent of three under 10, educator of many and active community volunteer, I cannot take the chance of being hospitalized because of a heart issue.

One of the reasons I need to stay heart healthy.

Shoppers Drug Mart is featuring a Heart Age Calculator on their website to determine what my cardiovascular age and assess risks. There are 12 slides of questions like age, height, weight basic lifestyle questions, that took me less than five minutes to answer. Taking five minutes out my busy day, to know if my heart is healthy is time well spent.  As an educator I know that knowledge is power and in this knowing what my heart age is will direct how I continue to live my life. I also love that this is the only scientifically validated online tool available that provides a personalized heart age and cardiovascular risk profile as recommended by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guidelines.

I truly had no idea that Heart Disease is one of the leading causes of death in Canada. That shocks me, to know that we can lose people in our lives from something as simple as not being heart healthy. There are several factors that influence your heart age, including blood pressure levels, cholesterol and risk factors like smoking. All of these factors can make your heart age faster than your chronologically age.

Using the Heart Age Calculator I found out that my Heart Age is 39.2, three years less than my chronological age. I am slightly below the Canadian average for heart disease but I defiantly have some changes to make in order life more heart friendly.  I need to be more physically active, less sitting more movement. This is simple right, but I still struggling with finding time in my schedule to work out. I’m not blaming anyone for this but myself, I need to take the time for myself in order to keep myself on this planet longer.  Simple steps that any Canadian can make to make themselves more heart healthy include; stop smoking, monitor your blood pressure, regulate your cholesterol levels and basically take control of your life.

Setting a good example by running with my daughters in our first 5K. 

Now it’s you turn. Use the Heart Age Calculator and find out what your heart age is. It’s time to get Heart Healthy. It’s free to use, and you can find out what steps you need to make your life more heart healthy.

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