Betty White loves Harry the Dirty Dog?

I love finding fabulous free teaching resources online but sharing them is even more rewarding then finding them. 

The Screen Actors Guild Foundation supports children’s literacy in various capacities but one project I find extremely useful in my classroom is the Storyline Online project. 

In 2001, the SAG Foundation was given a generous grant by Verizon to create five digital videos featuring professional actors reading quality children’s books. These imaginatively produced videos fully captured the intricate illustrations, colors and textures of each book. Those initial 5 stories turned into an internationally recognized website that currently streams 19 stories featuring celebrities including Jane Kaczmarek, Bradley Whitford, Sean Astin, Esai Morales, Amber Tamblyn, Eric Close, and Elijah Wood. 

Storyline Online also features supplemental activities for each book developed by an early literacy specialist. Together, the videos and related curriculum strengthen comprehension, verbal and written skills of English language learners worldwide. Available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, free of charge, Storyline Online ensures that every child who has access to an Internet connection can be exposed to a story”.

Here are  my favourites so far:

The Rainbow Fish is read by Earnest Borgnine. If you have not read this book before in short, an arrogant yet beautiful fish learns how wonderful it feels when you share with your friends. 

Betty White reads Harry the Dirty Dog a classic storybook from my childhood. Harry learns how it feels to be truly alone in the world when he spends the day frolicking in the mud and when he returns home his family does not recognize him. 

James Earl Jones reads the To Be A Drum. This a powerful story about a father who teaches his  children the importance of a drum in relation to their African heritage and how the drum was the underlying heartbeat for his people during historical turmoil. 

There are so many more stories to explore and share with your class or family. Check out the link here to find your favourite story. I shared several of these stories with my class on the SmartBoard and at home with my three children on the iPad. 

Did I mention the videos are free? Enjoy! 

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