Billings Bridge….Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Great Contest by Billings Bridge….
Please consider voting for Katie & Andie’s  Lemonade Stand. All you need to do is click the Billings Bridge link, find my name in the right sidebar, click on the post (click on the little paperclip icon) I wrote and like the picture of Katie, Andie & Beckie sitting with their Lemonade Stand exactly like the one located at the bottom of this post. Thank you in advance!

Here is the link:
Billings Bridge – What Shopping Should Be They would be so happy to win! 

Our Lemonade Stand was truly a family production. The girls decided they wanted to run a charity lemonade stand. They decided to support animals in need and our local hospital. My husband and daughters, Katie 8 & Andie 6, designed & created a plan of action to build this stand. My husband & son, Beckett 3, picked out the paint. All four of the painted the stand ( I have all the stained clothes to prove it ;)).

On a sunny Sunday morning the girls set up their stand and sold out of Lemonade in 2 hours! In total they made 63.00. The girls have decided to have one more sale before we hand over the money. They wanted to round it up to 100.00 for each charity!

Please consider liking this post for my girls 🙂 Great contest !


  1. Click on the Link to the Billings Bridge – What Shopping Should Be bridge page ——- Look at the left side bar for my name & click on it…then vote “like” for the girls picture …They are over the moon at all the likes already! sm

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