Binge Watching Glee with My Tween

My lovely DD12 is in middle school. She has friends who are experiencing social issues, peer pressure, and tween angst. Over the Christmas holidays, my DN17 (Dear Niece) introduced my DD12 to Season 1 of Glee. We were amazed at all the songs we could sing word for word.  


As the plot lines increased in intensity, more questions started to arise. My DN handled them like a pro. Homosexulity, bullying, and teenage pregnancy became common topics of conversation between the two them. Each question was met with an educational answer mixed with an all-knowing ‘older cousin’ tone. 

Now that we are home and I am answering the questions, some of her most poignant questions are regarding bullying. How can people be so mean? What was the purpose of throwing the slushy into their faces? Why was it easier to try and commit suicide then express yourself? 


glee (1)

Watching Glee has become an entry point. DD seemes to understand the unhappiness of the characters and recognized that same unrest in some of her cohort. I still find it hard to believe that I have a tween, that asks questions that challenge my own biases. As much I as enjoyed the Care Bear years and when our biggest concern was which hair pretty matched her jelly shoes, I am excited to be in our current stages of life. 



We are currently on Season 3 and I am looking forward to the next set of questions my tween will surprise me with. 


I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and receive perks and amazing invites to events, but all views & opinions are my own. 

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