Blissdom 2012 Sunday Excursions – General Motors Canada

I struggled to write this post because I experienced something I had missed at other conferences. The sense of belonging. Walking through the hotel & conference hall I chatted, hugged, laughed and in a couple of cases cried just a little with the people I met there. Some people whom I had admired from afar I finally introduced myself too and others I had been friends with for years picked up like old best friends.

I struggle to pinpoint what to say exactly because this year more then ever I connected with so many people who inspired me. I just did not know where to start, so I thought I would start at the end with the Sunday Excursions.

#ChevyBliss  – My Own Private Race Track

Maureen Dennis (WeeWelcome) and Alyson Burke (ImpressionsPR) worked tirelessly behind the scenes, literally I never actual saw them the entire conference. They made accommodations to make sure all bloggers has an opportunity to participate in events that they self selected. Little did I know this would be one of top three experiences at Blissdom .

Seriously you are letting me drive this car? 
General Motors Canada hosted a behind the scenes event like no other. As you can see from the expression on my face, it was too good to be true. This lovely driving instructor, handed me the keys to a car with more horse power than I had ever had under my backside before. I *may* have driven slightly over the speed limit on a closed course and loved it. 
This can only lead to trouble ! 
Sharing this experience with some of my favourite people made this experience even better. Diana, Lara (along with Shelagh and Vicki (not pictured above) ) and I laughed, giggled and might have even been pulled over by a very understanding police officer. This scene from Smoky and the Bandit completely captures our driving experience.

We completed a slalom course under slick conditions, spun donuts on a closed course and slammed the breaks to gain a better feel for what the car really could do in an emergency situation. The way I look at it the entire experience what a lesson in safe driving. We also were able to view the unique technologies behind the scenes at GM Canada, as well as the best apps for your GM Vehicle.

By far, meeting the people behind the scenes at General Motors changed the perception of the car company for me. From the engineer Don and his Gangnam style dancing daughter, to Frank and his intuitive wisdom when it comes to safety features, to Veronica who just made everyone feel at home and Faye who actually listened to me about turbo charging vehicles. They brought us into their home and let us play with their toys. The entire group made us feel welcome and acknowledged as an important members of the GM family, if only for one day.

Belonging to a group of like minded people is a powerful influencer, especially in social media. However, feeling like you belonged with the group and having garnered respect from you peers is inspiring. That is the final word I will use for this post…Blissdom especially the Sunday excursions left me inspired. 

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