1. travelbuds

    I would take pictures of my 2 kids. They are always goofing around making me laugh and I would love to capture that

  2. missbobloblaw

    The first picture I would probably take is a blurry one of my thumb as I try to figure the camera out! XD The second picture would probably be of the cats.

  3. Lesley Mar

    I’d take a picture of the sunset, since it’s something that in a way requires reflection as you wait for the sun to start setting.

  4. I have wanted one of these for such a while now. I was hoping to get one for Christmas but Santa forgot to leave it under my tree. Well maybe next year or if I’m lucky enough I could maybe win one. lol Thank You for the chance. Happy New Year!!!

  5. Shannon

    I would likely take photos of my littles! I would love to use it at our nuptials to include photos in the guest book!

  6. Angela September

    i got to try one of these last night at a party and i took a silly photo with my 3 boys
    i would love to win one to take even more zany snaps!!

  7. SweetPanda

    I am planning to take a picture of my baby niece! My sister is expecting so I would love to use this to take the first picture of my baby niece and gift this camera to my sister

  8. michelle matta

    id like to say something exciting, but the truth is, im at my most inanimate-object photographer when i take my first pic on a camera… so it would probably be like a pencil resting against a coffee mug lol.

  9. Maritess S.

    I would take a picture of our cats because they are good posers and they can stay still long enough for me to get comfortable with the device.

  10. Heather Howard

    Thanks so very much for the opportunity! Good luck everyone!

    The first picture I would take would most likely be myself…not because I enjoy doing so but I’d have to check out that little selfie window!

  11. Darlene Schuller

    I would take a picture of the town clock.. I can see it beautifully from my backyard. It looks stunning at dawn and dusk!

  12. tanyab79

    I would take a family pic first than pics of the beautiful scenery of a fresh snowfall. Those snow covered trees look so pretty.

  13. Monique L.S.

    I would let my daughter use the camera, so the first picture would probably be of one of her belongings, as she tends to take pictures of everything she owns.

  14. Jenna A

    This would be the PERFECT addition to our destination wedding trip. The first picture would be of all of our guests on our reception cruise boat. The camera could be passed around guest to guest to snap all of the memories. 🙂

  15. Leslie C

    My daughter really wants one, besides her taking pictures of her friends & SELFIES, she would take pics of her new Pug puppy!

  16. Stacy Scott

    I would Love to capture My first Picture of my Grand-daughter due in March! So Exciting =) Awesome Giveaway! Thank you!

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