Buzz Agents to the Rescue!

Scrubbing Bubbles Review

I am busy…I know we all are but between my teaching career, 3 active kids and 2 spoiled dogs, it’s crazy around here. I’m not sure if you know about the Buzz Agent program, but I am a proud Buzz Agent. The products keep me up to date about the latest and greatest products and yes I have email Jono and gotten a real response.
I hate cleaning…it’s true, I would rather go to the dentist that clean. Jono recently sent me the new Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Cleaner which I am looking forward to seeing if it really makes cleaning the bathroom easier. After the first couple of uses it really did seem to make a difference, I will keep you updated as the weeks go on! I have 5.00 coupons to whomever who like them…Leave a comment and I will mail the coupon to you! *Canadians Only 🙂

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