Canada’s Naming Expert shares her views & Starbucks Canada Gift Card Giveaway!

I had another opportunity to chat with Candace Alper about the top three finalists for the Starbucks Canada #NameYourBlend contest. As the media spokesperson and a naming expert, I wanted to hear what she had to say about the finalists. 

I also have a $20 Starbucks Canada gift card to give away to one on my readers. In order to win just tell me which of the top three finalists would like to see named as Starbucks Canada’s newest blend. Leave your #NameYourBlend choice & contact info in the comments below and I will announce he winner on February 28th. You can enter once a day! 
Candace Alper writes: 

The Top 3 have been chosen by Starbucks – True North, Kanosak and Aurora Borealis. Each one is uniquely Canadian and the story behind the name reflects either our geography, our culture, our history ~ even a combination of all of these things. Each one of Starbucks blends bears not only a name, but a story behind the name filling it with meaning and with history – of course, because it’s coffee, it already has purpose.    

Currently taking a mighty lead with the votes is True North – very Canadian, eh? I like that the story includes that they dug into the National Anthem and also who we are in the True North.

“The name is subtly patriotic and reflective of where the hearts of Canadians are. Canadians know, deep in their hearts, that they have an affinity to and for the ‘True North’, strong and free…wherever they are in the world. What sets us apart is a quiet confidence, pride of heritage, being comfortable with our surroundings, an approachable nature, and the ability to not take things too seriously (some might even say mellow)… unless it has to do with hockey, and even then we might politely apologize for it. Canada is a country, yes, but above all it is a community where neighbours share experiences, passions, and experiences… usually over a good cup of coffee.”

Kanosak – I really like this one. It’s subtle and I like the way that it sounds when you say it out loud. I can imagine people ordering a “grande Kanosak”. It also happens to look great on the packaging. I love that the word means gold and reflects the coffee and beans. That it has strong roots in our Canadian history as an Inuit word makes it all the more special. This is the one that has my vote.

“Kanosak is the Inuit word meaning “Gold”. The image of gold is one that sparks thoughts of richness, brightness, and smooth shiny brilliance. If Canada has embraced the Blond roast, an Inuit name is fitting as it represents the aboriginal roots of our country.”

Aurora Borealis – I can imagine ordering a “grande aurora” too – this one sounds lovely and if you’ve ever seen the Aurora Borealis, you would certainly recognize that it is a fitting name for a Canadian blend. They are described as mysterious, magical, light and flowing. 

I did happen to see other notable names throughout the submission process that I really liked including: Kanata, Glory, Parliament, Lakeside

One of my favourite submissions goes to singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards who suggested Daybreak Blend. While the name might not be uniquely ‘Canadian’ Kathleen drew on the essence of the coffee – the feeling and purpose – and wrote a verse to go with her name. 

Ok Canada which is your favourite submissions? Have you voted yet? Voting ends on February 28th, click here to have  your voice heard. Voting ends in FOUR days. 


  1. Of the three finalists, True North gets my vote.
    I did like my entry (not original but I liked it and found it a bit cheeky and sometimes I like cheeky) Blonde Ambition:)
    Either way I cannot live without my Starbucks:)

  2. I like them all, but I think I like Aurora Borealis best. Its just going to be easier to walk in for a ‘venti aurora’ than to roll either of the other two off your tongue! email princess_serena22(AT)hotmail(DOT)com

  3. The problem with True North as the name of this coffee is that it is very masculine. The coffee blend (Blonde) is very feminine, subtle and mellow. So I think the name misses the mark. Sorry. But of the 3, it’s the best name.

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