My Friend Pica

This post has been a long time coming. It is a personal experience that I felt I needed to share with others, as I truly felt alone dealing with pica during all my pregnancies.Pica is describe as : "the intense craving for – and eating of – non-food [Read more...]

Pink is for Boys

Pink is for Boys This summer is one of realizing that there are things I cannot change and things that I can. I am only starting to understand the importance of know the difference between the two. Things I cannot change: people's bad manners [Read more...]

A solution for Haiti

PANDIE! Pandie-Bear...where are you? I came to an abrupt halt as I saw Andie sitting by the bay windows in the TV room looking out the window at the blowing snow. ( it had been 5 minutes without hearing her sing, yell or scream so I went looking for [Read more...]