Pink is for Boys

Pink is for Boys This summer is one of realizing that there are things I cannot change and things that I can. I am only starting to understand the importance of know the difference between the two. Things I cannot change: people's bad manners [Read more...]

Arbonne Sample Giveaway!

I have a wonderful friend who gave me samples of the latest Arbonne products. I want to be clear I do not sell this product of do I profit from the sale of these products. My oldest daughter had extrmemly sensitive skin and I have struggled to find a [Read more...]


Babt beckett turned 6 months old today, happy 1/2 year birthday! Call me crazy but having Beckett in my life makes me want to have more..yes I know 4 children is alot finacially, emotionally ect..but if you met him you would understand.I used