1. Kate

    My advice for parents heading out on outdoor adventures with young kids is to have a lot of snacks and secret backup snacks that the kids don’t know about for when everyone is tired or weather isn’t cooperating ect. It just bought my family(with 4 young kids) some more time on our hike, this afternoon. 🙂

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  3. Monique L.S.

    I say ‘Just do it’. Some days it is harder than others to get everyone moving and ready. Forget about whatever is keeping you inside, and get outside. Even just to go for a walk or to the park. Everyone will feel better because of it.

  4. Patricia Palmer-Selleck

    The best advise is to get out every day regardless of the activity. We like to walk the perimeter of our local park. We get to see lots of squirrels and sometimes a bunny.

  5. Try to incorporate it into your everyday routine – it is a great way to show your kids from the time that they are little that an active lifestyle is the way to be!

  6. Be prepared. Bring extra diapers/wipes, an extra change of clothes, a blanket, sunscreen, snacks and drinks, and follow their cues. You will know when they have had enough and its time to pack it in and go home, and most importantly: Have fun!
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  7. Melissa Finn

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  8. Monique L.S.

    Go for a walk. It is nice to get fresh air, plus a bit of exercise. And your child will enjoy seeing new things.

  9. edmontonjb

    My best advice is to keep a backpack stocked with everything you may need. this makes it easy to grab and go.


  10. Melissa Finn

    If you make getting active part of your daily life it becomes a part of your life. It teaches kids it’s normal to be outside & busy & keeps your family active!

  11. nicolthepickle

    For new parents, even just a walk is a great way to get outside. Provided it’s warm enough…we’re still waiting for that here.

  12. Vanessa

    One word …. Hockey 🙂
    My 2.5 got mini sticks from his uncle over a year ago and it’s by far the most used toy.

  13. Monique L.S.

    Make it part of your daily routine. A walk after lunch or dinner is great. Plus, children tend to sleep better after being outdoors. So, a win-win for everyone.

  14. Melissa Finn

    New parents invest in a great carrier for wee ones & get outside & walk. Borrow a friend’s dog & take him/her for a walk! Get excited & get moving.

  15. Melissa Finn

    My son was born in the middle of winter. Hard to get outside to walk. I wrong to the mall & put him in the stroller & just walked around. Needed to get out & be active & that’s hard in the winter with a newborn.

  16. Melissa Finn

    Another great way for a new mom to get active with her baby is to join a stroller fit class. Will get Mom moving plus it’s a great opportunity to meet other new moms!

  17. Angela Mitchell

    We have a little closet by the the back door that we have organized so that getting active outside is just a little easier. We have hooks for bike helmets, racks for rain boots, and hangers for jackets and dog leashes. Having everything together and easy to access saves us time.

  18. Melissa Finn

    Another great way for new moms to get active is to sign up for a Mommy and Me swim session. Great exercise & great bonding time for mom & baby!

  19. Take a short trip around the block even and point out squirrels, trees, nature, rocks , dogs, cats, people. You are teaching socialization and about nature at the same time. Make an effort to say Hi to people and be friendly.

  20. Its funny how your dog picture reminds me of my Golden I had to spell the word walk when I took my son out and Rufus would still go and get his leash cause he knew without fail I was going out the door

  21. Melissa Finn

    Another great way for both new moms & new dads to get active is to invest on a great carrier or sling for your baby so you can go on daily walks. Keep baby close & warm.

  22. Melissa Finn

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