Childhood Cartoon Throwback

During my primary school years, the Care Bears debuted on our three channel television set. I loved Share-Bear, he was never afraid to share with others. Soon after the Care Bear Cousins & Baby Bears came along and made the Care Bear family complete. I ‘might’ have been given my nickname of “Bear” from Share-Bear, get it, Sherrie …Share-Bear and it stuck.

Netflix Canada recently launched  Care Bears & Cousins which gave me the perfect opportunity to introduce them to one of my favourite cartoons from my childhood. 

Andie mentioned that she liked they way they solved problems, instead of fighting they used the power from their hearts to defeat the villain.

Netflix also has a number of must-see throwback series to share with your family and possibly reminisce about your own youthful television viewing habits. 

Happy #TBT Viewing ! 

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