Chocolate vs. The Guthrie’s

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Chocolate stains are the most common stains in my home. From Smore’s at the cottage…..

To chocolate moulding adventures in our kitchen….

Or having a Hot Chocolate treat at our favourite coffee shop……

Chocolate stains are my nemesis and I have discovered that not all chocolate stains are created equally. I have found that darker the chocolate the harder it is to get the stain out, whereas milk chocolate is not as difficult to remove. The same can be said for chocolate milk, it much easier to remove chocolate milk from clothing rather than hot chocolate. The absolute worst chocolate to remove from clothing is any type of chocolate syrup, whether it be from a sundae or used for cooking elbow grease is involved in the removal process. 

The most ironic part of the chocolate stains in my home is that they all happen to end up on my clothing. My children have a way of transferring their chocolaty goodness on to my clothes without me knowing. KT comes in for the hug and wipes the chocolate baking residue on my arm. AndiePandie has a sneaky approach from behind manages to wipe both the whip cream and melted chocolate sprinkles all over my back. Beckett just unabashedly wipes his entire chocolate covered face with the bottom of my shirt, looks up at me with his blue eyes and tell me, “You are a good Mommy”. Yep, I am the chocolate stain magnet. 

My best defence in the fight against chocolate stains is simple. I soak the “chocolatified” item for at least 24 hours, the next day attack the stain with an old toothbrush and toothpaste. Then I throw the items in the washer as per usual and the chocolate (most of the time) is gone. 

What is your best stain removing tip? Resolve is giving away 12 weekly prizes of $250 for the best stain fighting time and a grand prize of $5000. Perfect timing for back to school, right? 

I know that I will be entering my tips and checking out the Healthy Lives Happy Homes Facebook page for coupons, contest and stain fighting tips. 

What are you best tips? Share them and join the online conversation using the hashtag #ResolveTip on Facebook and Twitter. 

Happy Stain Fighting ! 

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