Collaborating with Dragons

During the cold winter evenings, once the homework is done, evening athletic activities are complete and school lunches have been packed Beckett and I share some one on one time.

We usually share a fun book or two, then Beckett picks a Netflix video to watch while we snuggle up in bed together. It is usually during these quiet moments that I find out tidbits about the day, both the good and the bad.

For Beckett, Grade 2 has brought more of an awareness of the actions of others. He often, during the quiet moments tells me about unkind words or actions from others that have shaped his day. We were watching DreamWorks Animation’s Dragons: Race to the Edge,  Episode 4, When Darkness Falls. In this episode, Hiccup and the Dragon Riders have to collaborate and create the perfect outpost. However, the Dragon Riders have to overcome trials, fire-breathing dragons and work as a team to create an outpost that everyone can call their own.

Dragons 2

After the episode, Beckett explained that during recess he and his buddies can’t play nicely together. They fight about what game to play, who will play what position and who will be the referee. Beckett, said he feels like Hiccup and tries to get everyone to decide and play together nicely, but it doesn’t work all the time. But he said just like Hiccup kept trying, he will keep trying.

I’m happy to say that season 2 of DreamWorks Animation’s Dragons: Race to the Edge launched on January 16th, 2016. Beckett and I are ready to see how the Dragon Riders work together in the next season.

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