#crazyrunningtweets, Women’s Cancer & Chicopee Ski Hill


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Recently, in response to the reality that I am turning 40 next year, I have decided to run in the Ottawa Race Weekend 1/2 Marathon  during the huge race weekend. Many of my favourite YummyMummyClub bloggers and friends of YMC will be running the 10K the night before, and I will be there to cheer them on. But the 1/2 Marathon is  on my “40 bucket list”  and it’s time I just stopped making excuses and did it already. It has been 8 years since I have competed in a “big'” event (besides giving birth). Big meaning anything over 5km or a Tri-A Tri. During my training runs, I find moments of lucidity where I find my mind wonders to past events, memories, fears & ambitious ideas. I have labeled these thought #crazyrunningtweets in my twitter stream, not that they are crazy in derogatory way, just outside my normal thought processes.

During today’s run, (8.5K) one thought kept running through my thoughts Boobfest .  Now lets be clear this is a charity event that a very talented tweep @cocktaildeeva is organizing, not an inappropriate adult movie. As I was running, I thought about the women who cannot run because they are in chemotherapy, the women who have had a double mastectomies, and those who have lost their fight. I have friends, community members and family members who have died from various cancers, but breast cancer surrounds me, daily. My tweeps, neighbours and even my coworkers…. everyday I am interacting with women who have fought the good fight. Supporting Boobfest,  is one way I can show all of my fellow females I believe and respect their strength.

Boobfest takes place on March 31st, 2011 in the KW area near Chicopee Ski Hill. I would love to attend but living in Ottawa make it difficult, and of course I have to teach..you know my career? So I have RSVP’s for the Twitter party with a donation attached. For those new to Twitter party is an online event, where questions are asked and you need to answer with a specific hashtag (i.e., #boobfest). Then using Random Org. or some other selection matter, tweets are chosen as winners. But the real winner, is awareness of all women’s cancer and supporting Dee, as she walks the walk and talks the talk during the Weekend to End Breast Cancer . I am proud to say (as my DH shutters) I met Dee through social media, there is no other way I would have met her unless we bumped into each other at the Chicopee Ski Hill. She is a loving mother to 4 and an advocate for many charities & worthwhile causes. She is also a regular on the fabulous Steven and Chris Show showing off her inspired beverages. I am proud to say she is a tweep & friend. Take a moment to look at her site, heck step outside your comfort zone and join the Twitter party. I look forward to following the very cool goings on at Boobest and will live vicariously through social media in lieu of a personal experience at Dee’s home. 

Yep, I’m addicted 

This is not a sponsored post. I think Dee is an incredible woman, OK lets be honest I have a girl crush on her. She is deserving of my support, I wrote this post to see if you might support her as well.
Cheers 🙂


  1. You are FABULOUS…thank you so much for your support and joining the Twitter Party..I soooo wish you could make it down…

    Thank you for such kind words and all of the support…I think your pretty FABULOUS as well…So looking forward to the Twitter Party…a fun way to join in when you can’t be there in person. All for such a Fab cause…

    Just make sure you have a nice big Glass of Vino ready…


  2. @jen_yo

    Amazingly true! I will be at Boobfest in KW but totally agree that the next best thing to being there will be the twitter party!

    Good luck with your training!!

  3. Hey Jen, Thank you..I really wish I could be there but the problem is the distance! Thanks again for you encouragement..it is a huge amount of training for me, but I keep telling myself I am worth the work:)

  4. Oh what a sweet post! I love that the twitter boards are a buzz with all the #boobfest chat. I too hope to make it to the twitter party so maybe I will “see” you there:)

    PS YEAH YOU for gearing up for a run! I’m turning the big 4-0 this year too and find I am thankful for this birthday. Going to celebrate in a big way!

  5. Modern Mom
    Thanks for the encouragement, ran 13 k yesterday, looking forward to my birthday as well, not sure what the plan is but it will be fun! Keep me up to date with your birthday celebration!

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