Cross Country Fun Hunt

Cross Country Fun Hunt

We were very lucky to be chosen to host a Fun Hunt Viewing Party this morning with several other families from across Ontario. Jordan told us about the Fun Hunt, chatted with each party location , answered out questions and sang my oldest daughter happy birthday. What a treat!

Joran travelled around Canada this summer experiencing the best activities Canada has to offer. Today we watched an episode where Jordan participated in a game of paintball in Brockville, Ontario.

Make sure to to to CBC Kids to sign up to the Fun Hunt, participants will be entered into a draw to win an iPod touch. Enter the secret codes to you seen on the episode online to win.  If you enter you town as Canada’s Most Fun Place you could win tickets to an amazing concert featuring Jordan Francis and Victoria Duffield!

I wanted to say thank  you to the amazing The Bunch Family for asking me to participate.

We were treated to PopChips, t-shirts, fashion pins, noise makers, Allen’s juice & balloons….awesome! We asked Jordan if he might come and visit the nation’s capital and play hockey on the canal, we will keep you posted on how well he does!

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