December Brings Dinosaurs and Deals to the Museum of Nature!

Are looking for something fun and family friendly to do over the holidays in Ottawa The Canadian Museum of Nature is offering half-priced admission for kids 12-and-under from December 4th  to 24thThis includes access to the newly renovated Vale Earth Gallery, the special traveling exhibition Nature Unleashed, and the 3-D movies. Spend the day with the dinosaurs, watching the creepy crawlies and enjoy the stunning architecture that the Museum of Nature in Ottawa has to offer you and your family. 

“The Canadian Museum of Nature knows that the holiday season can be a very hectic and expensive time for families,” says Meg Beckel, the museum’s President and CEO. “We’re encouraging people to treat themselves to a break from the frenzy of this time of year and enjoy an affordable family outing to the museum. It’s our gift to you.”
My three kids love the amazing galleries on dinosaurs, birds, mammals and creepy crawlies but what they are most excited about is that Santa’s reindeer will be hidden in the exhibits beginning December, 11th. Families are challenged to find all the tiny figurines hidden throughout the exhibits. It’s like Where’s Waldo at the Museum of Nature. On December, 21st  full holiday programming starts, hands-on activities like Exploding Geology, Lego fun in the Lantern and crafts will keep all three of mine busy.

My oldest is really excited about seeing the new 3D movie, Dinosaur Passage to Pangae which begins on December 22. The movie has a very cool theme,  two young students embark upon a geology field trip, they find themselves on an action-packed voyage that takes them 180 million years back in time to the break-up of the super continent. See the trailer below! 


Check out for information on activities, hours, and fees. Follow the museum on Twitter (@MuseumofNature). Become a fan on Facebook. The museum is located at 240 McLeod Street in Ottawa.
* Note: the half-price kids’ special does not apply to Nature Boutique merchandise nor to food at the Nature Café.

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