Diary of a Golfing Virgin

You know it’s true

My first time…

I had a social stigma in place when it came to golf. Golf was something the Toronto Maple Leafs did each time they were eliminated from the playoffs. Golf was not something I had ever considered playing, it was not for me.
That was until my friend asked me to join her at Hot 899 Hot Women’s Open  charity golf tourney. I thought, why not right, it is the summer, I’m not working and it’s a day away with a girlfriend. Thankfully, we signed up right away as this event sold out in just 8 days. So the truth of the matter is I have never actually played golf. I don’t own proper golf attire, nor golf clubs and I have never driven a golf cart. The secret was out, I am a golf virgin. 
When we arrived at Greensmere Golf Club, just outside of Carp, Ontario, and entered the club house, I was pleasantly surprised at the welcoming atmosphere. Tara the event’s manager & staff were busily preparing for 150 women to arrive but still took the time to say hello & give some advice for the course. The tourney began with 75 golf carts being set free all at one time onto the course by KennyB a popular personality with Hot 899. It was a virtual sea of decorated carts, four-somes with matching Puma outfits and fancy golf bags flying around the two 18 hole golf courses. My four-some and I were on the Premier course and I learned very quickly why women hit from the red markers. (hint: they are closer to the hole & easier to hit). Several times I left my golf mates laughing so hard they couldn’t speak, I was the entertainment for the day. I think the highlight was my use of baseball/hockey swings with the driver, think Happy Gilmore
The tourney was best ball, which means that everyone gets to shoot their ball from where the person who had the with the best shot lands. That made the day go even faster and yes at least twice we used my ball as the best ball. Some of the holes were sponsored, meaning there was fun activities, snacks, bevies to sample and contests to enter, very nice breaks build into the tourney. Milestones, Popeyes, STEAK, Place D’Orleans, Hot 899 Street Team, Bayshore Mall, AFS and BeADonor.ca were there and had lovely staff to greet us and ask about our game at their sponsored holes.
Top three realizations I had while on the course were:
1. Eighteen holes of golf makes for a very long day, thank god for the golf cart
2. Distractions on the golf course are a good thing i.e.) speedo boy
3. I can drive the ball like no ones business & I won the Longest Drive Contest 
Helene Campbell
After the tourney, Greensmere had a turkey dinner with salads, veggies, mashed potatoes and dessert. The perfect meal after a long day on the course. Mauler, Rush, Josie & Blair from the morning hot tub MC’d the evening. The evenings activities began with a lovely speech by Helen Campbell and a rousing version of happy birthday was sung for her by the crowd. Then a check was given to the Canadian Blood Services services with all the proceeds from the tourney of approx. 9000 dollars.
I realize now that I was wrong about golf.  Being with such a fun and interesting group of women for a day made this event an annual one for me. I will be back, and I think the Greensmere golf pro’s will see me for a few lessons in the near future. I am gladly taking suggestions to improve my golf game, the best place to purchase golf clubs & proper attire and any more women’s tourneys I should enter!
I have to take a moment to mention the swag bags, Bayshore gave every golfer a gift card, AFS gave every lady a special treat, Milestones a free appetizer and STEAK a gift card as well.
****Disclaimer: I PAID to go into this tourney $89.99 to be exacty, I drove there on my own accord, I did not drink and drive, I do not work with any of the above companies/radio stations…and I now secretly LOVE golf 🙂

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  1. “Golf was something the Toronto Maple Leafs did each time they were eliminated from the playoffs.” – Bwahaha! You make me laugh, my dear! But you also make me proud. Way to go for giving it your best shot and for winning the longest drive contest. Just confirms how awesome you are.

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