Disney’s Mars Needs Mom Review – Bring Kleenex!

Disclaimer ***Bring your Kleenex Moms, this movie is a tear jerker! 
It was an all girl date, 5 girls out for a morning premier in Ottawa. But this morning movie had my thoughts directed at my baby boy. 
Disney’s Mars Needs Moms is a stunning 3D animated science fiction adventure that uses motion capture to animate the characters. By all accounts this movie is visually perfect. There are memorable characters, moments and a powerful soundtrack. But it’s not the setting but the story that sent my emotions into action. 
Milo tells his Mom, he wishes she was not his Mom, this after a hard day of cleaning up cat barf, laundry and single parenting for an extended length of time. I have been in this same position with tears in my eyes and my children not understanding my sadness. Aliens come to earth and take the amazing Joan Cusack, Milo’s mother to Mars. They intend to take all of her discipline techniques and train the Mommy-Bots who raise the girl babies on Mars. 
My Baby Boy
But it was the message embedded in the movie, of a Mom giving her own life and existence for her son’s well being that left me sobbing. As a mother with 2 daughters, I see myself in both of them and love them unconditionally.  But my baby boy, he is a spitting image of my Dad & my Husband combined. When he grabs my hand and tells me it’s “train, play train” or defends his lap territory from his sister, I am truly warm with happiness. I sobbed because I too would give my life, to save the life of my son. Disney’s rendition of Mars Needs Mom’s sent a powerful message to it’s audience, self sacrifice and the depth of a Mother’s love.


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