Do you have 24 hours to spare?

Tomorrow is the launch of the 24h Tremblant event! This year the fundraiser is looking to bring more people to the event with a walk, a run and of course the traditional 24 hours of skiing.  

Here is a special e-vite:  

A little more about #24h: 

24 hours! That’s 1,440 minutes or 864,000 seconds, or the time it takes the earth to rotate once on its axis. That’s a very short period! But the memories of participating in an event that makes a difference in the lives of many, lasts forever.

The 24h of skiing event is accessible to everyone! It’s a fundraiser that benefits children, it’s a skiing or snowboard relay race that kicks off on Saturday morning, lasting until Sunday morning, and it’s a 3-day festival of concerts and entertainment!

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I am looking forward to seeing you there tomorrow night! 

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