Do you Wanna Play?

My children have an abundance of energy. Each beautiful summer day we spend hours in the pool, playing outside with friends and biking around the neighbourhood.  Some days are lazier than others, but for the most part we are very active.

Contemplating the first swim of the season! #wannaplay 

Swimming happens to be our “go to” activity. The ability to cool off during the hot summer days and splashing around with friends is consistently at the top of my three children’s list. We share our time between swimming at our local pool, in our own pool and at the lake. Each location offers something the others do not.

It is never too cold! #WannaPlay 

At home, we have the ability to be a little sillier, at the local pool the kids can have fun with a larger group of kids and at the lake the kids share the water with fishy friends and turtles.

A leaping good time! #wannaplay 

Swimming not only keeps the children active it also has many health benefits, however my favourite it the fact that the exit the water clean & tired. However, some days it’s all about just throwing a baseball around! 
Canadian Tire  launched a really fun contest to get all of us moving this summer. 

My summer loving kids! #wannaplay 

The 30 Day #WannaPlay Photo Challenge Contest will challenge us every day on Twitter until August 4th, 2015. To enter the contest, simply upload your playing/active themed photo or video to Twitter or Instagram and tag @CanadianTire and #WannaPlay.. You will have a chance to win $100 Canadian Tire gift card every day and you will be entered for the $1000 Canadian Tire gift card grand prize. You can enter every day! 

Swimmer #3 #WannaPlay 

Just think of all the fun stuff you can play with for $100 or $1000 from Canadian Tire. Personally, I would buy a Stand Up Paddle Board. We love kayaking at the cottage and I think a SUP would be a perfect new addition.  Do you need some ideas for play time? 

Here are my top 5 #WannaPlay tips:  

1. Walk away from the laptop and turn off your phone. I call my phone my electronic leash, leaving it in my purse on on the charger in the house lets my inner kid come come out to play. 

2. Knock on your neighbour’s door. I know, it sounds scary but games are better with more kids. Playing tag with 7 little boys will burn more energy and elongate the fun. Start knocking! 

3. Just add water. Water balloon tag, water shooters and even just turning on the sprinkler can create a the perfect playtime for kids and adults. 

4. Role playing is fun! Pretend to be Gru or a Minion, run around the yard like you are chasing after bananas. You will be surprised how creative your kids can be. 

5. Pull out the hockey sticks. Hockey is just not for summer, road hockey in the driveway is an excellent, yet non competitive way, to play our national sport. This would be a great teachable opportunity to tell them about Paul Henderson and his game winning goal. 

Balls, Balls, Balls #WannaPlay 

So, do you #WannaPlay ? 

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