Does it really matter whom/who the Brand was?

Eye rollers….exit stage left please. 

This is not a thinly veiled attempt to get you to buy, trade, sell, or attend a new trendy location. No, this is a reflection of an event that made me pause and be thankful for occasions where I am able to be myself and feel accepted in a cohort of peers outside my family or educational realms. 

The room was filled to the brim with Ottawa bloggers, social media folks, conference organizers’ children, chefs, event planners and even siblings. However, the atmosphere of the venue made it feel more like a family supper or Christmas dinner. Complete with ketchup stains on the placemat and melted marshmallow in my hair. 

I laughed a lot, and where there was a level of familiarity hugged a few people. The uniqueness of this event was coupled with the fact that our children were in attendance. Doubling the fear factor of my children acting out was the copious and seemingly unlimited amount of colourful sugar available. Witnessing how others parent their children on a sugar high gives a glimpse into what goes on beyond what they share on social media. 

Chatting about each other’s, accomplishments, aspirations, and “what’s up next” in a non-stressful setting without a product placement in each conversation was refreshing to say the least. The lines of brand & blogger were blurred as we broke bread together and spoke about the upcoming Christmas holidays. 

I felt no competition with these bloggers, if anything I felt like we should do this more often with more Ottawa social media friends. This time of year I am especially cognisant of the little time we actually have to spend with those who fit into a segmented, yet important part of my life. 

To the brand, venue, and attendees, it was lovely to spend the morning with you. My children and I happily chatted as we made our way to the next event on the docket. AndiePandie asked, “So Mommy, are those people your friends because you looked happy. You didn’t even have the fake smile on either”.

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