Drive In Movies & Dreams of Grandchildren

It is the Friday night of the long weekend in August. We are at the Drive-In theatre in Hanover, Ontario. It is the first time for all the kids. The movies tonight are Smurfs 2 and Grown Ups 2, it is a night of sequels. I am here with Jake-a-saurus,  Beckett &  and AndiePandie, they are filled with popcorn, pop & slushies. I am sitting on the ground, leaning up against the bumper of the van while all three kids are laying on the flattened back seats cuddled up with blankets and each other. 

Such a beautiful night. 

This summer is about making memories with my kids. I remember my parents taking my entire family to the Drive – In. I can only hope my kids remember this event and share it with my grandchildren. I could not ask for a better night. 
Have a save and happy long weekend friends! 
Sherrie-Mae 🙂

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