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My CAA Story…..

Growing up in rural Southern Ontario had disadvantages as a driver. The snow plow piled mountains of snow at the end of your driveway in the winter and during the spring &  fall you had to share the road with tractors. Our high school was an hour long bus ride away which made being a student athlete a challenge. My sister and I shared our mother’s car, and by shared I mean we would fight over who needed to put gas in it, whose turn it was to use the car and accuse each other of putting the latest scratch or dent on the fender. 

My first real car was a gift from my brother, during my third year of university. He was very successful in his new profession and bought a new four door car.  His old car was a red, two door GMC Tracker, and I loved that car! The Tracker or Barbie Jeep as it affectionately came to be known, had four wheel drive and cost me $17.00 to fill the tank. As this was my first car my father made sure to give me the appropriate lecture about changing the oil, checking the tires and never letting the tank get below ½. He also bought me my own CAA membership as I would be making the trip to Thunder Bay three times each year for university. 

Several times that CAA membership came in handy. From being stuck in a snow bank outside of Wawa to having my alternator go while visiting Kakabeka Falls and having to be towed back to my residence. It saved me both time and money having a CAA membership. I think most of all; it gave my parents the piece of mind to know that when or if I ever ran into trouble during my travels CAA would be there to help me out. The Tracker stayed with me through-out  university and into my first few years of teaching. My Barbie Jeep ended her career on a farm hauling bails of hay from the barn to the cows in the field. 

Disclaimer: I was asked if I could share a post about how CAA has been important in my life. I was compensated for this post but the opinions expressed are my own, and that big dent in my fender was completely my sister’s fault. 


  1. Love first vehicle stories! Oh the stories that would be spilled if those cars could talk! Funny enough Hubby was just telling me last night to get back with CAA

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