Family Movie Night

There is small but important window of time each week that my family and I enjoy. During this time we do not have to attend a practice, game, scheduled event or meeting, the homework has been completed and the furriest family members have been walked. This is our down time, our snuggle up on the couch, munch on popcorn and watch some uninterrupted family friendly Netflix time. 

Years before I discovered Netflix, I had almost completely written off television. We, as a family, had no time to watch TV shows and renting movies was a multi step ordeal that usually ended with late fees being paid. Netflix changed that experience for us, it has made the small amount of time we actually spend watching TV stress less and flexible.  Once a week or once every two weeks we plan a family movie night. 

Last week, Netflix sent me something my children had never seen in our home before. We are now the proud owners of a hot air popcorn maker. It was hilarious to watch my kids faces as the kernels jumped and bounced around the small heated compartment as we made popcorn for our first family movie night of September. 

Andie was in charge of the actually popping of the popcorn, Beckett had the flavour shakers and Katie picked out the movie. This week we watched Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis. We all laughed at the movie and enjoyed our time together.

Next week, Andie would like to watch Lilo & Stitch because Beckett reminders her so much of Stitch. Following that movie night,  Beckett would like to watch the Night at the Museum because Andie reminds him so much of the annoying monkey. (yes there is a pattern emerging) 

Netflix has some very interesting info graphics about some of my very favorite shows. I cannot watch them regularly however I have managed to fit an episode or two into my workout as I run on the treadmill. You can see some interesting stats on when Canadians were ‘hooked’ on to a specific show compared to the rest of the world. 

I was hooked on Kimmy Schmidt after the first episode, hands down my favourite laugh out loud comedy.  It took me several episodes to love House of Cards but in the end, Kevin Spacy made me a huge fan of the show. I would be very interested to know what show or episode ‘hooked’ you? 

I am entering my second year as a #StreamTeam member for @Netflix_CA and have been given the opportunity to view screeners, as well as being sent amazing monthly packages that keep my kids and I ‘in the know’ about special events & upcoming releases. 

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