Five Paws Up!

The three-mini me’s love and I adventure. There is rarely a weekend where we are not going on some kind of #GuthrieFamilyAdventure. This year my family and I are part of the #StreamTeam with Netflix Canada. We find out about new shows, share craft & unique food ideas and recommend our “must see TV” to our followers and friends. With Netflix we are finding our fill of adventure especially when the frightfully cold weather keeps us inside. 

This month the New Adventures of Puss in Boots hits the screen. You many remember Puss from his previous adventures with Shriek, Donkey and Fiona. Now, Puss is on his own and swashbuckling his way in out homes and hearts. Over the Christmas holidays, I read the a new version of the much loved fairy tale called “ Puss in Boots: The Adventures of the Most Enterprising Feline” by Phillip Pullman. It was interesting to see how my three made text to self and text to media connections while watching the movie. 

Edgar, dreaming of adventure. 

As a family, we decided we had more room in our hearts and adopted two new kittens that were in search of their forever families. Tigger and Edgar are an adventure all of their own. The amount of spontaneous laughter that these two felines have brought in to our home is unbelievable. Beckett has decided that when we sleep the kitten have adventures without us and that is why they sleep all day. 

Tigger is ready for adventure!

We loved the New Adventures of Puss in Boots and we cannot wait for the next new adventure. We give The New Adventure of Puss in Boots 5 paws up! 

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