Glamping & Bollywood Cowboy Line Dancing – Day 1 #SierraDrive

Our #hashtag for this cowboy adventure! 

My sister said it best, this entire trip to Calgary felt like being on the Amazing Race, Canadian style. But let me back up a little, when I first received this invitation from General Motors Canada I was a little shocked and thought there had been a mistake. I mean really, me, my little social media personality being taken on a trip to the Calgary, Alberta? Then I took a quote from one of my own blog posts…Shut Up and Go Guthrie, just go and enjoy this experience. 

Of course I found the nearest Starbucks 🙂

Once I told my sister we were going, time seemed to fly by. Suddenly, I was on a plane to Calgary from Ottawa, while my sister was careening through the air coming from Toronto. We were whisked away to the Hotel Arts in downtown Calgary for our debriefing. Next thing we knew, we were given a well detailed map (thanks to Gary and his team), keys to a stunning 2014 white Sierra and told to meet the rest of the teams at the Sierra West Ranch. We were off to the races, as my dad would say.

We drove through the breathtaking Albert foothills, passing cattle, coyotes, families of prairie dogs and hundreds of painted horses. 

Hello horses! 

Our trailers were provided by Bucars of Calgary, Alberta. It was not camping but “glamping”. I had never stayed in a trailer before and it was not at all what I had expected. As soon as we walked in, there was a sitting area with leather recliners and a leather couch. The kitchen had a gas stove, microwave, wine fridge and microwave. The bathroom was big enough for my sister and I to get ready at the same time..which is saying a lot. The large bed in the back slept 2 comfortably and had unique storage areas for our luggage. The best part of the entire glamping experience was the view. There truly is nothing more beautiful then waking up on the edge of a foothill ridge. 

Our RV friends at Bucars provided our glamorous trailers. 

That evening we made out way down to the dining hall at the Sierra West Ranch. The meals were filling and created with love by the eclectic ranch hands and ranch owners, Ginny and Randy. After several songs by the house band, the fire pit was set a flame and the evening entertainment began. Our GMC Canada & Travel hosts were outstandingly competent in the art of Bollywood Cowboy Line Dancing & Cowboy showers. 

The Bachelor Canada was filmed on this ranch !! 

After our 4:30 am start, the time difference and the fresh air our glamping trailer was calling our names. We called it a night, but made sure to catch up on the viral YouTube videos the next morning….for the record Raj it was totally the cowboy’s fault. 

This is where Jason slept, that is just how he rolled. 

The next day our adventurous itinerary including horse back riding, a cross country drive through the back country of Alberta experiencing all the amenities the 2014 Sierra provided. 

You know that every outlet & USB connector was used during this trip.

We fell asleep and awoke the next morning listening to the howling coyotes pups on the Alberta landscape

Our stunning sunset on the Alberta foothills. 

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