Good Karma Ottawa Style

Really all of this started almost 10 years ago, I tell this story to my class at the start of every school year. I was at Adas breakfast nook on Bank street with some of my husbands friends after a long night on Elgin. One of the 416ers as (Toronto boys) was talking about how he won a Timberland prize pack, and thought to my self why not me…where is my luck why do I not have any..deep thoughts for a Sunday morning. Regardless as we enjoyed our breakfast I noticed a homeless man across the street sitting in front of a huge Church ( were I grew up there were no homeless people but then again we have no traffic light either). Just as I was paying the bill I asked for a coffee to go and a muffin, as I was ahead of the boys I walked over to the man and gave both items to him. He looked at me with suspicion as I returned the look. Nothing was said, and I walked back across the street. The 416ers were not impressed, he could have hurt you, what were you thinking…then everything changed.

Since then, I win…everything, no really everything. I have met and socialized with Sting, BNL and even the Dali Lama, won trips, CDs, DVDs prize packs you name it. And yes there are haters out there, but my motto kill them with kindness. Most of the swag I win I give away to friends neighbours or donate it to charity.. anyone who can use it, and it all comes back to me in the end.

Now I work for a couple of different companies, no I do not get paid for what I do, but I am able to give away prizes to people who read my blogs. New products for families, new food items, lots of different stuff or swag as it were. Sign up read my blog tell me your stories of good karma.

As I sign off of my first official blog the sun is shinning, I have 3 healthy kids, who are already playing outside in the garden..and to me its all about good karma baby!

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