I Am Furry Parent!

*Disclaimer  – I received no compensation nor products for this post. I attended an event in Toronto, paid for my own gas, parking and lunch. If you don’t love animals, stop reading NOW. 

Snickers and Easton came into our lives like a tornado touching down in a room full of feathers….. just think…WHOOSH! We had lost our first dog to tragic circumstances that to this day I am still not over and have not been able to write about. I lasted 3 long months till I knew it was time for another furry child to love. 

I found an ad, on our local teachers posting board, about a farmer with Border Collie puppies. I drove out after school on a dark December evening just to have a ‘look’. There were two pups left, one was a round, boisterous pup emitting squeaks, barks and nips while the other was little more reserved watching me from behind her blanket. The family was lovely, complete with a house filled with kids and a barn filled with cows. I picked up the more active pup, it licked my face almost in approval, while at my feet, the quiet puppy nestled in against my inner right foot. The farmer then told me the quiet one was the runt and no one wanted her. He was unsure what fate would hold for this pup and how it was a shame they could not be together. Early on in my plight to be a good furry parent, I did some research about pets and loneliness, I found that dogs can become as depressed as humans when left alone for periods of time. Decision made, I scooped up the quiet pup with my free hand and the three of us drove into the darkness on our first adventure, to their new home. 
Is she getting more ice cream ? 

It was just before Christmas when “The Girls” came to live with us and I had no idea how much work two puppies were. It was after the pups began eating our linoleum flooring in the kitchen that we decided to find a class to help us with our out of control Border Collies. We enrolled the girls in Puppy Kindergarten (it is not called puppy Kindergarten, but I am a teacher and it just sounds better) at PetSmart. It was the best move we ever made for the dogs, the house and our sanity. The instructors were kind and patience even when our patience was lost. Eleven years later the girls still remember the hand signals, commands and directions we learned during those classes. 

TP costumes are the best 

Earlier this summer the good people at PetSmart invited me to view their fall and winter collections. I have to be honest, I did not know what to expect. Full disclosure here, we are those people… we dress  our dogs up for Halloween, each animal has a stocking & gifts at Christmas,  I regularly buy thematic collars and leashes, each pet has comfy beds, at least once a year we bake homemade dog treats and our cat my have a slight catnip addiction. There might even be a slight sliver of truth in the fact that when we bought our cottage property we specifically bought because it is water access only, so the dogs would be safe running free each weekend. Roll your eyes now, I know what you are thinking but our pets are a huge part of our family. 

I love you….

What surprised me most about the PetSmart Holiday preview, was the depth of passion that each representative spoke about their specific of expertise. Each PetSmart expert I spoke to had an obvious love of animals and was dedicated their well being. I asked questions and received answers that helped me understand the purpose and function of each item, toy or treat. 

This is what my children want for Christmas! 

I actually had a difficult time choosing one area that impressed me the most, the thematic side of me was leaning toward to Martha Stewart & Disney Halloween costume collections which might have had something to do with the cuteness of the little models. 

dog costumes

The parent side of me fell in love with the fall themed environment comfort bedding for Guinea Pig or other small animal.  My children constantly ask (insert nag, hound, badger) me for a new pet, for some reason I can see this type of bedding in my future! 

pet bedding

The more practical Canadian side of me loved the winter clothing & designer created paw protection outdoor wear. 


 The foodie side of me loved this bone shaped treat maker for my dogs. 

Healthy Dog Treat Maker ! 

I was completely surprised when I learned about PetSmart Charities, I did not realize that part of PetSmart even existed. I met the PetSmart representative, who spoke with eloquence and passion about the good work PetSmart Charities does for all animals. We chatted at length about the work Pet Smart Charities was currently involved in during the floods in Alberta. 

PetSmart also hosts Pets in the Classroom a program which allows educators to make their classroom a home for a deserving pet. This serves several purposes including: creating empathy; understanding the level of dedication needed to love & care for an animal; the importance of proper nutrition, hydration and exercise needed for a healthy pet; pet care, cleaning and medical needs. 

Christmas is coming ! 

Meeting people as passionate about the welfare of animals and who have a vested interest in improving the quality of life of all animals was something I did not expect to find. 

I was already a fan of the PetSmart brick and mortar store, but meeting the people behind the brand I am now a supporter of their brand philosophy and social conscious. 

Are we going for a walk yet? 

I was happy to attend this event and write this review of the event. Good people, great products & a positive attitude are the ” take-aways” I took from this event. Thanks PetSmart, looking forward to the next one! 

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