It’s been 12 years…..

Dear Tippie, 

I find it hard to believe that 12 years ago this month you left me. It was one of the saddest days of my adult life. I held you in my arms as the doctor administered your needle. I saw the life fade from your eyes and cried because of all this things I didn’t do with you. I wish I had walked you more, held you more and taken you for more play time at the park. You are still with me, I see your collar hanging in the hallway and your toys are still in a basket on the toy room floor. 

Once you left there was a hole that was empty, black and filled with grief. You picked me, you ran at me away from the rest of your brothers and sisters, you were my first dog and I love you for teaching me how to be a good pet parent. Not long after you left, two other puppies were born to a family that did not want them. They, like you, found me. Snickers and Easton turned 12 this past September and we love them as much as we loved you. 

I think of you often and hope the pain we saw you in, no longer haunts you, as it still haunts me. I wish you could have met our three children & they could have shown you the love an entire family can give to a  furry family member.

I miss you Tippie-Dog, 

Love always, 


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