Jessica Holmes, Traci Melchor and Me!

Yes I am part of a fabulous team Jessica, Traci and I are all doing the Potty Dance! The amazing Jen from MomCentral organized amazing mommy bloggers to give the inside scoop on helping our little ones use the potty.

When I was potty training my first daughter Katie, she was such an easy toddler to potty train. Since it was just her and I, we were able to do everything together including using the potty. After I would use the potty, she would like Mommy. Easy Peasy! When my second daughter Andie arrived she wanted to be just like Katie, so potty training again was a breeze. Now the easy part is over! My son is ready to start potty training, and he has umm, different plumbing than we girls do. I am trying some different techniques with Beckett! Things that have worked so far, Cheerios in the potty, so he can pee into them….he loves that but, he tries to reach in and grab them after. However with the warm weather arriving, he has decided that he would rather pee outside than inside, so down go the Pull Ups as he waters the tulips. This is the first of many posts over the next 2 weeks and let everyone know about our journey and yes we will be posting our own Potty Dance! But for now here are 2 links that will keep you laughing out loud until you see Beckett doing our personal version of the Potty Dance!
Here is Jessica’s amazing dance !
Here is Traci fantastic fandango

Let me know what you think of their dances and I can’t wait for you to see ours!

Thanks again to the wonderful MomCentral Mom’s for allowing me to join this star studded cast of Potty Dancers!


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