Just One Day

My friends amaze me in many ways. I have friends who are the master chef in their own kitchen; friends who keep their houses in immaculate condition; friends who write novels; friends who create whimsical cards and friends who create amazing scrap-booking & journal entry master pieces. I admire them for their talents and secretly wish I could be more like them in their areas of excellence.

Like this stunning card by my friend Diana,  TeacherMomOfTwo

I wanted to keep a journal filled with memories, letters and the adventures my family and I take.  Simply, snapshots & words that would take us back to a moment time and let us briefly relive the moment. I found the traditional pencil to paper journal entry  an arduous task constantly asking, “Where is my fancy pen, who drew in my journal with nail polish and why is there cat barf on the cover?” 
Everyday barriers would throw road blocks at me, and keep me from the actual art of writing. 

Recently I discovered the One Day App. I now have the ability to journal and ad pictures from my iPad, iPhone and my Mac instantly. I don’t have to find my Moleskin, my double sided tape or crafting scissors, it has become a seamless process or archiving my memories.

Besides the variety of options, the most welcoming feature I have found are the gentle reminders. A simple reminder, jogs my memory to the importance of recording this moment in time. A simply brilliant edition to this app.


I feel as if the the One Day app has made creating a journal entry as easy as tweeting, without the 140 character restrictions. My daughters are quickly coming to an age where preserving their own thoughts and emotions is becoming important to them. I will be encouraging them to use the OneDay app as I have. My goal is to create a collaborative journal where all of the Guthrie voices are hear and recorded for future enjoyment.

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