Lead by Patrick Anderson – Canada Win’s Gold!

Listening to wheelchair basketball star Patrick Anderson from Fergus, Ontario talk about his journey to the London 2012 Paralympic Games makes me feel like we can achieve any goal we set before ourselves. Anderson was hit by a drunk driver at nine years old by one his parents friends. With his community church and athletic community behind him, he is quoted as saying he had a soft landing after the accident.

Anderson is described as the best wheelchair basketball player in the world. His athleticism and arm span have made him the biggest threat on the court. I love wheelchair basketball because of the amount of skill and athletic conditioning needed to play. I had the opportunity to play wheelchair basketball with several of my Grade 6 classes. It was exhausting! It was almost impossible to propel the wheelchair, direct the ball and avoid crashing into other players all at the same time. Take a moment to read Patrick’s blog at  patrickanderson.ca PatrickAnderson.ca or follow him on Twitter @andersonpatrick.

Just hours ago Canada captured gold versus the Australians. Lead by Anderson with 34 points, the Canadians beat the Aussies with 64-58.

The London 2012 Paralympics have given so many athletes the opportunity to shine and be recognized. Patrick Anderson is one of the best in the world but he is only one in a team of hundreds that represent Canada this year at the 2012 Paralympic Games. Take a moment to find out more about our athletes at the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

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