Leap Year Adventures!

Once, every four years, we are given an extra day to enjoy. How are you going to take advantage of those extra 24 hours? I plan on taking some time to do something we have never done before. Last year we went skiing as a family during March Break. I was very hesitant to let my 6-year-old fly down a hill by himself. However, for a brief moment, as we all skied together down a blue hill, it was inspiring & surreal. We plan to do this again this winter if the snow ever arrives. This year we are going to try snowshoeing or tubing. Here are two adventurous options my family and I are thinking of trying. 


Chances are, you’re not too far from a national park or scenic trail that is optimal for snowshoeing. Snowshoes have come a long way from the tennis racket-esque versions you’re probably expecting and are often available to rent from national parks or adventure stores. It’s a great way to take in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery – not to mention it is great exercise and your kids will love the novelty of floating on top of the snow! You can check out all of the snowshoeing options in Gatineau Park.

Gatineau Park has one of the largest networks of trails in North America. You will now find 60 kilometres of snowshoe trails, varying in difficulty (rated from easy to difficult). Enjoy snowshoeing in a beautiful conservation area, located just minutes from downtown Ottawa”.

Tubbing is a family friendly activity that can be done during the day or evening. There can be single riders, double riders or family tubes to help you enjoy the adventure. To ensure everyone has a fantastic time sure to dress appropriately with layers. We have found that the occasional hot pockets stuffed in mittens or boots helps keep us enjoy the tubbing for a longer period of time. Mount Pakenham offers family friendly tubing. 

“Our tube park is located on a gentler slope which is family-friendly and allows younger and shorter children to come sliding. This is a walk-up and slide-down exhilarating experience! We provide the tubes and you provide the joy! Snow Tubing at Mount Pakenham is a wholesome, fun-filled activity and is perfect for families, couples, schools, parties and businesses. You will walk up in our picturesque woodland setting. Sliding down is winter excitement at its best. Outdoor campfire adds to the experience.”

Keeping up with my three kids isn’t always easy. After a day of downhill skiing or an extended day of road hockey those 40 year old aches and pains set in. I often use a Topical pain reliever like RUB·A535™ Extra Strength Heating Cream or at night time lavender RUB·A535™ NightTime.   



Trying something brand new will not only be different and exciting, but will also break up the monotonous schedules we adhere to when juggling work and family. Getting outside is also great for your health. 

What will you do with your extra 24 hours ? 

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