1. Judy Cowan

    Hubby & I share the job of cleaning the litter box. We do it twice a day so I usually do it in the morning and he does it in the evening.

  2. Bailey Dexter

    LOL ME! Sometimes Hubby will. I keep a littler box on both floors (kitty is older) so that mean twice the treasure scooping!

  3. Brenda A

    Sadly I have allergies to cat dander, so no sweet kitties for me. I do recall a family cat I had when I was very small though named Taffey. I can only assume my dad did the clean up as I know my mom would not have!

  4. Carey Hurst

    It is always has been me always , even as a kid I was stuck with it lol .. And being a single mom now only me to do it lol

  5. joy

    we don’t currently have a cat; I would love to adopt another one – we had a lovely cat, Cookie for over 20 years! When we did, I was usually the one to scoop.

  6. Krista M

    Unfortunately our family cat is no longer with us. But I do babysit my sister’s cat while she travels & I am the person who cleans her litter box.

  7. Maritess

    My daughter because that was the condition on getting her a cat. She has been showing us responsibility which I am happy and proud of.

  8. krystyl olson

    HUBBY! since the day he said he wanted to get a cat, I had said ‘YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE for the litter…. gross’ so he said he would. now we have 2 cats … he is such a great guy 🙂

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